Mirror DIY

Hey crazy beasts,

Today I’m going to show you how I did my very own DIY standing mirror.

It was a little tricky to pick from all the awesome ideas from Pinterest, if you have one you know how that can turn in to a black hole really quickly. How does social media have this power over my? I swear every time I open my facebook, youtube, instagram, etc. I get lost and always end up watching some video of cute baby animals. Not all hope was lost when I finally discover a pic of this baby over here: Inspiration

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“Hi everybody!”

Every freaking time I think of that introduction I just get the introduction from Dr. Nick -“The Simpsons”- stuck in my head. “Hi everybody! – Hi Doctor Nick!”. Can anyone else relate?wfvvgraWith that being said, I would love to welcome all of you little beasts to my blog. It’s my newest project and you better support it. Has I’m damn sure I did it for you at some point. Continue reading