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Vegan Lasagna

Hey you crazy beasts,

Lets get into this weekend with a banging recipe! I’m bringing you a Vegan Lasagna – huuuummm – just thinking about it makes my mouth water. This lasagna definitely as a bit of a twist, but I swear it is oh so delicious! You will come back time and time again for it. Continue reading

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Vegan Burrito

Hey you crazy beasts,

How many of you love some warm and tasty burritos? I am completely obsessed. One of the reasons that contributed for my massive weight gain while living in the US was the amount of times I chowed down those delicious veggie burritos from Chipotle. I have friends that can atest to that. Since I came back home I search like a mad person for the perfect veggie burrito recipe. Even though I haven’t quite made it yet, I sense I’m pretty close to getting that oh so addicting flavor. So here you go, my “Close Enough Veggie Burrito” recipe.

⇒You will need:

  • tortilla wraps (what ever kind you fancy, I use either flower or corn)
  • ripe avocado
  • lime juice
  • bean mix
  • rice/bulgur mix

∴For the bean mix:

  • 1/2 onion
  • 1/2 red pepper
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 2 tbsp of olive oil (or any other oil you prefer, like coconut oil)
  • 1 can of black  beans (400 gr)
  • 1/2 can of sweet corn
  • 2 tsp of chili powder
  • 2 tsp of mexican spices
  • salt
  • black pepper

∴For the rice/bulgur mix:

  • 1/4 onion
  • 3 tbsp olive oil (again or any other fat of you choosing)
  • salt
  • 1 bouillon cube (veggie)
  • 2 cups of rice
  • 1/2 cup of bulgur
  • 4 cups of water
  • grated carrots

This recipe will rend you around 6 to 8 servings. To me it only works for 6 because I eat on BEAST MODE.

I hope you enjoy it. Tell me in the comments if this recipe worked for you and what other suggestions you have for me as a foodie.

See you on the other side,

Big Bad Wegan

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#WCW – Stefanie Moir

Hello there you crazy beasts,

As we are starting a new month I decided to make it a special one, because, why not? I decided to dedicate the month of May to women who inspired me on way or another to better my body, my mind, well, my life in general.

To do so I’m going to use the tag #wcw to talk about why they are meaningful and how they impact me. Every Wednesday of this month I’ll introduce you to a different one. Continue reading