Heidi Somers – #WCW

Hey beasts!

In this Wednesday I bring to you another inspirational woman. Her name is Heidi Somers. but if you are into fitness you may know her as Buff Bunny. Heidi is an awesome role model if you are lacking in motivation to start your fitness journey!

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I first started following Buff bunny’s channel back in 2015 and she quickly became one of my favorite Youtube channels. Heidi has a vlog style channel where she shares her path as a fitness athlete and also a bit of her personal life. She is such a cool and chill person, even when life sets her back a bit she keeps moving forward and always evolving.

Buff Bunny is also the name of the fitness brand that Heidi developed and I am in love with the designs, so many cute things without being overly sexualized nor too childish, A brand you feel empowered in. Just the right amount of “humf” to go to the gym extra confident.

Heidi talks about life struggles, motivation, how to workout and keep focused on your goals. She moved from Alaska to Texas in search of better opportunities and I would say she nailed it. I won’t tell you much more about her because I truly believe you should go and check it out for yourself.

A little extra info that is oh so ridiculous of me to mention buuuut, she also is dating one of the most incredible guys on YT, and my eternal platonic crush. Christian Guzman. Check both of their channels and come and thank me later!

So remember to spread the love, tag your friend or family member that inspires you, let them know you appreciate them. It’s all good karma!

See you on the other side,

Big Bad Wegan


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