#WCW – Lauren Riihimaki

Hey there crazy beasts,

As I told you on the last wednesday post this month of May every wednesday will be dedicated to women that inspire me. Today I want to introduce you – I have a feeling you guys already know who I am talking about – Lauren Riihimaki, best known as LaurDIY.

Resultado de imagem para youtube laurdiy

Lauren is the epitome of Tumbler girl, and I say this with true envy. I have yet to figure it out how someone can be so incredibly on point regarding to fashion and pull it of so effortlessly. With that being said, Laur isn’t just an awesome style and instagram inspiration, she is also a kickass DIY queen. She makes some of the most beautiful DIY’s I have ever seen, and even though some of them are waaaay out of my ability skills pool, I confess I’ve tried at least 80% of them.

You might ask, “Okay so besides her major sense of style and badass DIY’s what makes you look up to her so much?“. That my friends as a very simple answer. She is a doer. She created her own channel while struggling with her direction in college. If you can’t admire the resilience of someone who can create an opportunity from a bad situation, what will you admire?

Also she as a super positive and fun approach to life that I kind of see in myself too. And I’m a strong believer that a big part of our self is made of little pieces from others personality, and the more positive, creative, strong and fun people you surround yourself with and look up to, the bigger the possibility of you becoming that.  The same applies to the reverse, so be aware of who you take as a reference for your life.

So remember to spread the love, tag your friend or family member that inspires you, let them know you appreciate them. It’s all good karma!

See you on the other side,

Big Bad Wegan


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