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#WCW – Stefanie Moir

Hello there you crazy beasts,

As we are starting a new month I decided to make it a special one, because, why not? I decided to dedicate the month of May to women who inspired me on way or another to better my body, my mind, well, my life in general.

To do so I’m going to use the tag #wcw to talk about why they are meaningful and how they impact me. Every Wednesday of this month I’ll introduce you to a different one.

To start off these series I have to talk about the amazing Stefanie Moir. Stefanie is a YT, blogger, vegan, bodybuilder and all around badass woman who is my definition of #goals.


Stefanie is about my age, so that shows you that youdon’t always have to look up to people older than you to find a great source of knowledge and wisdom. Her blog and YouTube channel both are known as Naturally Stefanie where she gives tips on veganism, bodybuilding, fitness and healthy living. Stefanie has the most positive attitude towards fitness in the best not overly giddy way, and her scottish accent make’s it way more funny and entertaining than regular youtubers.

She also has a website called vegan aesthetics where you can become a member and get a meal plan – obviously a vegan plan -, a workout plan and a platform to interact with other members and share your experiences, questions and achievements.

With all that being said, if you are looking for someone to look up she is the girl for the job.

Remember to spread the love, tag your friend or family member that inspires you, let them know you appreciate them. It’s all good karma!

See you on the other side,

Big Bad Wegan



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