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Why I Became Vegan & Why You Look Dumb

Hey you crazy beasts,

On today’s post I’m going to share an answer to the question that literally everyone in my life has asked me: “Why did you became vegan?“.

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Well, I could tell you a million reasons that would be good justifications for it, but I would like to give you a little back story before I get to the why.

I wasn’t always the foodie I am today. When I was a little kid I was the worst eater ever, my parents were always getting upset because I would always leave my plate untouched after hours at the table. It was a real struggle. I would refuse to eat anything, especially soup. Oh Lord, my family had so much patience with me, I was a demon child now that I reflect on my past. So you can see my start with vegetables wasn’t the greatest.

Growing up I always loved animals, I always had pets and I would faster punch someone for hurting a dog than for hurting a kid. Although for some reason – which now I know that is a cultural/society thing – I wouldn’t make that connection with farm animals, as the majority of the population.

I had no problem helping my mom kill a chicken. Resultado de imagem para friends not foodHum, not really “no problem“, I felt bad after, but I thought it was just a normal thing that had to happen, and always brushed that guilt feeling off. Chicken were created to be eaten. Like rabbits, cows, pigs or lambs, I believed it was just their fate to become food. I wanted to believe that they had a good life and now it was just their time to go. The truth is that you can trick yourself into thinking that something horribly wrong is acceptable if enough people do it too and do it for a long time.

Resultado de imagem para vegan tumblrAs I got older it got harder and harder to shake that feeling out, so I started to take out some meats of my diet. First it was pork, and I just started justifying it by saying I didn’t like the taste of pork. After a while I stopped eating any red meat, saying it was for health reasons. It was followed by milk and any dairy, because it would make my stomach upset – which really does -. Chicken, fish and eggs were the final ones because everyone around me convinced me I would be sick and – this is the biggest lie meat eaters will try to sell to you – “I wouldn’t get enough protein!”. It took me a while and a lot of research to understand that it couldn’t be farthest from the truth. So at last I became vegan and changed my life completely.

It wasn’t always easy, until I figured it out, what I could and could not eat I had a lot of times I would just eat bread and vegan butter for snacks because my brain was so conditioned to go for cheese and ham as a snack, or to have a quick lunch just make an omelette. It took time to find what vegetables agreed with me, what I liked and what would make my diet a balanced and diverse one. Also, side not, not all vegan options are healthy, Oreos are vegan,  – I know, crazy right? – but that doesn’t mean I can just stuff my face with cookies everyday and be healthy.FotorCreated.jpg

Dietary reasons aside, – and brace yourself for a shocker – because veganism isn’t just about what you eat, it’s about making changes that help this world becoming a safer and kinder place. I finally understood that I couldn’t say I was an animal lover and just be a part of this cycle of animal cruelty. So don’t call yourself an animal supporter just because you saved a little dog from the street or donated some money to help save the lions of Africa if you happily will eat a steak, you will look dumb. Imagem relacionadaThe same way that I don’t believe in lesser humans, I don’t believe in lesser species. How can you have a pet bunny and support a brand that tests on animals? How are you against the dog eating festival in China and support the slaughter of millions of baby pigs everyday? Do you see how insane that sounds? I’m not even talking about the strain the whole animal agriculture makes on our planet.

I strongly advise you to go see “Cowspiracy” and open your mind to the reality of the choice you make everyday by eating meat.

After all of this talk if you still have doubts on why I became a vegan I suggest you either read it all over again or just move along.

I was never one to try to change people’s minds, and I didn’t changed my life style because someone told me to, I did it for myself – as I believe you should too – but if you need a little push to make some more conscious choices don’t be shy and let me know. If you know the facts you can’t hide behind ignorance forever.Imagem relacionada

See you on the other side,

Big Bad Wegan


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