“Hi everybody!”

Every freaking time I think of that introduction I just get the introduction from Dr. Nick -“The Simpsons”- stuck in my head. “Hi everybody! – Hi Doctor Nick!”. Can anyone else relate?wfvvgraWith that being said, I would love to welcome all of you little beasts to my blog. It’s my newest project and you better support it. Has I’m damn sure I did it for you at some point.


So this blog will be a mash of a crazy(ier)/vegan Jamie Oliver with a wannabe Michelle Waterson and a little dash of amateur LaurDIY. (If you do not know any of this people, you must have been in a coma for 10 years, if that is so “WELCOME!”, we do not have fancy hover boards like “Back in the Future”, only a crappy version with wheels on it and no “h”.)


I’m a blood thirsty MMA fan, with a very girly taste and I happens to be a vegan too. What a mess, right? The true epitome of “WTF?”. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you that vegans/vegetarians aren’t all annoying hippies that want to push their beliefs on you. I’m just annoying because it’s my personality. Also a woman can know all the shades from Urban Decay’s lipsticks and how to do a chokehold.

I hope you are ready for the ride, because I’m not too sure I am.

See you on the other side!


Big Bad Wegan



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